My name is Patience and my goal is to help you tell the best story that you possibly can. I want to ensure that you turn out a tight, polished, and professional fiction manuscript.



I know where you’re sitting right now. Every author’s been there: you’ve got the passion, you’ve proven your dedication, you’ve spent countless hours slaving away over your keyboard and exploring every possible theme, plot line, twist, and character. And now you have it—your manuscript is completed and ready to grace the top of every best seller list from Boston to San Francisco!


But what about that tiny nagging feeling tugging at the back of your mind? Is it really perfect? Did you use the wrong tense in chapter eighteen? Did your heroine really need to kill her twin brother and marry that caveman in order to push the plot along? Is it "lay" or "lie"? Or "laid"? Is the Captain actually a relatable character or just a shallow plot device? What about the maiden? Does she stand up with the Hester Prynnes or Wife of Baths of literature, or is she a manic pixie dream girl? How can you tie up that plot hole you swore you’d take care of “later”? And what about Brent? OH MY GOD I FORGOT ABOUT BRENT’S STORY ARC!

Your mind is jumbled with every bit of knowledge and every little detail from every draft you’ve written and you’re blinded by personal attachment. At this point, you’re struggling to determine what’s obsolete and what’s still significant. It will turn into a living hell trying to sort those details out even if you do manage to catch them.


That’s where I come in.


I’m one of those weird people who loves editing. Nothing in the world would make me happier than working with people who are passionate about their writing and helping them deal with these pesky little issues that can so often make or break a great book. I want to find those plot holes and help you patch them up. I want to use my freakish superpower of nerdism to hunt down those typos and lapses in verb tense and blast them to literary perfection. I want to help you polish your work. I want to beam proudly from the seats of your future book signings, nudging the person next to me and saying, “Hey... I edited that book.”


"I've had a great experience. I don't know what will become of this little book I've written, but I'm optimistic... Having your comments and edits have been a huge help, and I am so happy with the work you have done... I also felt that you were very, very easy to work with and talk to about the stuff going on in the book, which was huge because, as I said, I'm new at all of this... You did a great job of catching the little things and that is exactly what I was looking for when I went into this whole process. I can't thank you enough."


Author of the upcoming novel Play with Fire (working title)

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"Thank you, Patience. I was very impressed with your editing talent as well as your intuitive grasp of my characters' nuances... It's so cool to work with someone who sees beneath the surface to the story's architecture."


Author The Secret Strand 

Kirkus Reviews #1 Indie Choice of December 2019

"I wanted to thank you on what a great editing job you did on Supernatural Slayer. You elevated my writing and I was really impressed by how your suggestions brought my ideas to life. It's a testament to your skills that I didn't feel like I was reading someone else's work in the middle of my manuscript. Thanks for your deft touch!"


Author of the Magic Runes series, Supernatural Slayer series, and Must Love Dragon series

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"Patience's editing was fantastic for my debut novel, The Homestead. I didn't realize how much my writing could improve until she took a fine-toothed comb to my words and helped hone my story into the one it is today. I learned so much from her editing and already have her lined up for my next novel!"


Author of The Homestead

"Overall, I can't thank you enough. I am so appreciative of your time reading... and the thorough edits. Your edits made things so much clearer and more readable. You also added some very good substantive additions... that add powerful context. I consider this money very well spent and am super thankful for your time. The difference between my internal edits and your edit[ed] version is significant, and I know it will make for a better outcome in the end."


Author of Chasing the Blue Sky

Amazon #1 Best Seller in Animal Welfare